Sunday, 17 June 2012

ACC Skate Test

As we continually try to evolve our evaluation system at the ACC, we attempt to look at all things that can help us determine points that can make our athletes the best they can be.

This spring we converted all of our Keiser air pieces to their new display option that provides more information to the user and to us as coaches.  The internal mechanism is fitted with a force transducer to allow us to monitor the amount of watts performed with each repetition.   This is indicative of power and more importantly as the athlete completes an entire set, we can monitor the drop off.  This is important, because unlike high intensity circuit training, where you reps continually loose speed with no feedback, and you loose training power, this Keiser system allows us to completely focus on the quality of the reps and provides feedback to the athlete on how much harder he or she should be pushing.

One interesting new test we have created, is the Lateral Skate Test.  The idea of this test was provided to me by Pierre Allard, strength coach of the Montreal Canadiens.  I made a few modifications and came up with the test we have today.

As you can see in the video, the load is set up to be in line with the athletes waist.  The board they are jumping off of is set at a 20 degree angle, biomechanical research into the skating stride demonstrates that the skate is at an 18 degree angle with the ice.  The Athlete gets low, and explodes off of one leg.  They land on both, and re-set for the next rep.  We use a load of 20% of body weight for resistance, and measure the left and right leg to determine if there are any discrepancies that should be addressed.

Have a look below as Zach Bogosian of the Winnipeg Jets goes through his evaluation, and one of the players from the Nepean Wildcats women intermediate team.  Great form here and excellent power by both of them.

Saturday, 19 May 2012


Anthony Iafelice has had a busy year.  He is a 17 year old student at St. Marks High School in Ottawa, and also played football for 2 teams.  The South Gloucester Raiders Bantam Team, and for his high school team.

Anthony started the last football season in the summer with the Raiders at 180 lbs.  practicing 3-4 times per week plus games.  Then in the September he began practicing and playing with St. Marks.  He was on the field at times twice per day with a very physically demanding schedule in addition to his school work.

By the end of the football season he had lost 20 lbs and dropped down to 160 lbs.  Then he developed mono and his weight dropped down to 153 pounds.  Anthony was doing everything he thought was right get his weight back up.  He started lifting weights at school, was eating what he thought was appropriate, and unfortunately was not making any progress.

His father had contacted me about weight gainers etc and what he should do to try to put the weight back on, safely and progressively.  It was from here that we put the plan together to transform Anthony back in to the beast he was on the football field and more.

Anthony's day 1 picture is below.  As you can see he is lean and lacking in muscle mass, but with a good frame.  Here he is 157.5 lbs, 12.3% body fat, with a breakdown of 138.16 lbs of lean muscle mass and 13.36 lbs of fat.  His test results were as follows Jump squat with 40kg = 1.52 m/sec. Body weight squat .94 m/sec.  Shuffle test 12 in 15 seconds, Woodway curve speed test 22 mph.

Through his assessment we found many issues with his biomechanics that would limit him in his quest of getting bigger, stronger and faster.  He had specific weaknesses in his posterior deltoid, supraspinatus, lower trapezius, and his gluteus medius.  His abdominals also showed a significant weakness in their ability to stabilize the pelvis.  In combination all of these issues would slow him down without directly addressing them via corrective exercise.  This will set the stage for his ability to lift big and heavy as we progress over the next 12 weeks.

Anthony's next issue was to address his caloric intake.  Like a typical teenager, his meals where healthy, but lacked the volume and protein content necessary to build muscle.  Through the ACC we created a weight gain meal plan that included 4,500 calories a day based on a 40/30/30 macronutrient breakdown.  I did not want to go too high protein as some might suggest, as Anthony is a growing teenager and requires a good balanced diet.  We included Biosteel ( sports supplements as part of his meal plan, mostly because it is the safest product on the market, and certified to be clean.  He is taking the recovery protein formula twice per day, as well as their High Performance Sports Drink prior to and during his workouts to ensure his amino acids levels are appropriate.


I am going to be posting Anthony's gains over the next 12 weeks, along with video and pictures.  I am going to go out on limb and predict that Anthony's gain is going to be 25 pounds of ACC built muscle.

Stay Tuned.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Gary Roberts Visits ACC with Juno Nominee Brad Rempel of High Valley

The Juno's are in town and with that the Annual Juno Cup will be played at the Nepean Sportsplex tonight.  My good friend Gary Roberts is in for the event, looking to run a few musicians in the corners.

As his normal routine was when he played he needed his pre-game lift and workout.  So Gary came into the ACC along with Brad Rempel of the country band High Valley.  High Valley is up for a Juno for best country album.  I took both of these guys through a little ACC training, peppered with some Gary Roberts High Performance Training.

Brad does lift, but lets just say not at the intensity of Mr. Roberts.  After Gary took him through the 20 minute warmup, Brad thought he was done... Gary gave him a great introduction to preparing for the workout.  We then got into a great functional lift, with Gary leading the way.  We finished off with a few intervals and some core work and downed some biosteel.

A great day in the end, hoping Brad will be able to skate tonight...LOL..

Gary Roberts Performing the Trap Bar Deadlift

Gary & Brad Rempel performing a SB ab crunch with static rotation

Grinding it out!

Brad, Lorne & Gary....Still smiling after a good workout

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Gary Roberts Summer Training 2004

Here is a great clip of the Beast Gary Roberts.  This is from 2004 summer workouts.  We are at Jeff Oneil's cottage doing some plyos, and in Gary's cottage gym doing some lifting.  He is ripped and weighing in at about 215 here.  If you watch closely, during the hurdle jumps (in slow motion) you can see a movement fault in his hips as his hip externally rotates on his 2nd jump.  Being a well trained machine, he is able to correct this on his next jump....

Here is a great training shot of Gary back squatting, with teammate Mats Sundin spotting from behind.  Station 7 was the gym that was owned by Gary, Bryan McCabe, and Lorne Goldenberg.  Awesome gym at the time, unfortunately located in an area that was difficult for young players to get to.

gary roberts training

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Tommy & Lefebvre - ACC Golf Preparation

Here is Coach Goldenberg's go to exercises that every golfer should be working on pre-season to get ready for successful golf year.  

Please note that golfers, should NOT be doing any kind of circuit training to prepare for Golf.  The movements to train for golf require focus, specific movements, and appropriate loads. 

The areas these exercises will concentrate on is mobility and flexibility in the core musculature.  Strength for the thoracic area of the spine and posterior shoulder, and stability of the spine.

Follow the variables as outlined.

Wall Swing
This is a great movement along the wall to help stretch those muscles so critical for the golf swing.  If you are a left handed swing, The right posterior shoulder will receive an excellent stretch, as well as the left external obliques and right internal oblique.  The left pec and anterior shoulder will also receive a great dynamic stretch.  Try to maintain proper foot position and hip movement/weight shift.  Hold the top of each stretch for 15-20 seconds. Perform 3 sets of 5 15-20 second holds to each side.  And yes work each side to provide balance to the body even though you know you hit in one direction.

Standing Axe Chop With MB Squeeze

This is a great movement for stabilizing the hips,  enhancing proper trunk posture, and rotational strength.   Squeeze a 6-8 lb med ball between your thighs, while holding onto a high positioned cable.  Use an appropriate load that will challenge your core, yet not force your hips out of proper mechanics as you swing through.  Perform 3 sets of 8-10 reps on each side.

Supine Linear Foam Roller Lying
By lying on a  foam roller, you allow your poor posture to be placed in a more correct position to help re-enforce shoulders back.  This happens as a result of the removal of a kyphotic thoracic spine, and a neutral neck position.  By resting the arms by your sides, or even spread out in a T-position, will stretch out a tight anterior shoulder capsule, as well as the pectorals.  Try to begin by lying for 5-8 minutes and build towards 15 minutes total.  When you get up you will feel taller.

The Bow & Arrow

The bow and arrow is a great exercise for strengthening the posterior deltoid, and rhomboids.  Stand tall,  in this video, the left arm is extended holding the bow, and the right arm is pulling on the arrow.  Do not allow your body to rotate, focus on the shoulder.  Do not let your elbow drop as you pull, keep the arm parallel to the ground.  Complete 3 sets of 8-10 reps on each side.

Check out the T& L webs site for more great info on Golf and Tennis gear!

Friday, 24 February 2012

More New Conditioning Pieces Coming To The ACC & My Visit To the Keiser Factory In Fresno California

This spring and summer will be the best year ever for training at the ACC.  In my previous blog announcement I had mentioned about the new Woodway Curves - The best in speed training now in Ottawa at the ACC.

We are also adding the new Keiser Total Body Trainer.  Very similar to the old air dyne bikes of the past.  The only difference is  they are indestructible.  I was recently invited down to the Keiser plant in Fresno California, along with strength coaches Scott Hebert, Andy Obrien  & Matt Nichol.  Unfortunately Andy & Matt could not make it.  The purpose was to introduce us to the Dennis Keiser the founder of Keiser strength equipment, and to have a meeting of the minds on power development and the optimal way of training it.

During the tour of the plant, I got to try the new Keiser Total Body Trainer.

Unlike the old air-dyne's of the past, these units are quiet, very smooth and multifunctional.  As you can see in this video you can use just legs, just arms, or both.  But while I was at the plant, I decided to try just standing on the rear bracket and drive my arms.  Well this can be one great ground based exercise tying in your total body from a standing position.

After trying it, as I continued our tour, we came upon their Quality Assurance Testing Area.  This was impressive.  Keiser had many pieces undergoing repetitive movements, and I do not mean a few tests.  Many of these pieces were being continually stressed for over a year at a time.  The total body trainer was one of them, check it out.....

The ACC will be rocking this summer with the new treads & TBT's...get in and try it out.

Scott Hebert, Dennis Keiser and Coach Goldenberg trying out the Keiser Power Testing System.

Monday, 13 February 2012

New Speed Training Program Coming To The ACC In April 2012.

New Speed Training Program Coming To The ACC In April 2012. 

Now combine the best of our strength and conditioning program with the Woodway Curve.

Check it out

Monday, 6 February 2012

Coach Goldenberg on Rogers Daytime

Check out Coach Goldenberg who appeared on Rogers Daytime during the NHL AllStar Show.  He and the hosts Derek and Lois talk about warm-up technique, progressive squatting, and the Keiser Runner.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

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Thursday, 5 January 2012

ACC Athlete Zach Aston-Reese Selected for USHL Prospects Game

We are very excited to announce that Staten Island NY resident Zach Aston-Reese, who plays for the Lincoln Stars of the USHL has been invited the to he USHL NHL Top Prospects Game.

     Zach began training with us last summer as a referral from the Orr Hockey Group.   Zach showed up with a great attitude and a will to do what had to be done to get him ready for the season.  Being from Staten Island his options were limited for specific hockey training.  So he travelled to Ottawa 3 times last summer for an evaluation and programs.

At the best of times take away programs can be challenge for young prospects, it takes dedication and focus when you are training on your own.  After getting the recipe, Zach has made the best of it with a very successful year so far.
We are wishing Zach the best of luck in the game and hope it adds to his future dream of playing in the NHL one day.