Friday, 30 March 2012

Gary Roberts Visits ACC with Juno Nominee Brad Rempel of High Valley

The Juno's are in town and with that the Annual Juno Cup will be played at the Nepean Sportsplex tonight.  My good friend Gary Roberts is in for the event, looking to run a few musicians in the corners.

As his normal routine was when he played he needed his pre-game lift and workout.  So Gary came into the ACC along with Brad Rempel of the country band High Valley.  High Valley is up for a Juno for best country album.  I took both of these guys through a little ACC training, peppered with some Gary Roberts High Performance Training.

Brad does lift, but lets just say not at the intensity of Mr. Roberts.  After Gary took him through the 20 minute warmup, Brad thought he was done... Gary gave him a great introduction to preparing for the workout.  We then got into a great functional lift, with Gary leading the way.  We finished off with a few intervals and some core work and downed some biosteel.

A great day in the end, hoping Brad will be able to skate tonight...LOL..

Gary Roberts Performing the Trap Bar Deadlift

Gary & Brad Rempel performing a SB ab crunch with static rotation

Grinding it out!

Brad, Lorne & Gary....Still smiling after a good workout

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Gary Roberts Summer Training 2004

Here is a great clip of the Beast Gary Roberts.  This is from 2004 summer workouts.  We are at Jeff Oneil's cottage doing some plyos, and in Gary's cottage gym doing some lifting.  He is ripped and weighing in at about 215 here.  If you watch closely, during the hurdle jumps (in slow motion) you can see a movement fault in his hips as his hip externally rotates on his 2nd jump.  Being a well trained machine, he is able to correct this on his next jump....

Here is a great training shot of Gary back squatting, with teammate Mats Sundin spotting from behind.  Station 7 was the gym that was owned by Gary, Bryan McCabe, and Lorne Goldenberg.  Awesome gym at the time, unfortunately located in an area that was difficult for young players to get to.

gary roberts training

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Tommy & Lefebvre - ACC Golf Preparation

Here is Coach Goldenberg's go to exercises that every golfer should be working on pre-season to get ready for successful golf year.  

Please note that golfers, should NOT be doing any kind of circuit training to prepare for Golf.  The movements to train for golf require focus, specific movements, and appropriate loads. 

The areas these exercises will concentrate on is mobility and flexibility in the core musculature.  Strength for the thoracic area of the spine and posterior shoulder, and stability of the spine.

Follow the variables as outlined.

Wall Swing
This is a great movement along the wall to help stretch those muscles so critical for the golf swing.  If you are a left handed swing, The right posterior shoulder will receive an excellent stretch, as well as the left external obliques and right internal oblique.  The left pec and anterior shoulder will also receive a great dynamic stretch.  Try to maintain proper foot position and hip movement/weight shift.  Hold the top of each stretch for 15-20 seconds. Perform 3 sets of 5 15-20 second holds to each side.  And yes work each side to provide balance to the body even though you know you hit in one direction.

Standing Axe Chop With MB Squeeze

This is a great movement for stabilizing the hips,  enhancing proper trunk posture, and rotational strength.   Squeeze a 6-8 lb med ball between your thighs, while holding onto a high positioned cable.  Use an appropriate load that will challenge your core, yet not force your hips out of proper mechanics as you swing through.  Perform 3 sets of 8-10 reps on each side.

Supine Linear Foam Roller Lying
By lying on a  foam roller, you allow your poor posture to be placed in a more correct position to help re-enforce shoulders back.  This happens as a result of the removal of a kyphotic thoracic spine, and a neutral neck position.  By resting the arms by your sides, or even spread out in a T-position, will stretch out a tight anterior shoulder capsule, as well as the pectorals.  Try to begin by lying for 5-8 minutes and build towards 15 minutes total.  When you get up you will feel taller.

The Bow & Arrow

The bow and arrow is a great exercise for strengthening the posterior deltoid, and rhomboids.  Stand tall,  in this video, the left arm is extended holding the bow, and the right arm is pulling on the arrow.  Do not allow your body to rotate, focus on the shoulder.  Do not let your elbow drop as you pull, keep the arm parallel to the ground.  Complete 3 sets of 8-10 reps on each side.

Check out the T& L webs site for more great info on Golf and Tennis gear!