About Us

Lorne during a team testing and training session
The Athletic Conditioning Center is a specialized facility that provides sport performance programs to athletes and scientifically correct group programs for the non competitive adult. It was opened in May of 1999 to provide an avenue for young athletes to enhance their physical conditioning, in a setting that would lend itself positively to athletic development.

The environment in the facility is unique from 2 perspectives:

All of the users in our sport programs are competitive athletes, which provides for a serious and positive exercise setting. The design and layout of the facility has been modelled after an NCAA university weight room.

The equipment that outfits the facility is used to enhance sports strength and performance, and is not likely to be found in a commercial fitness facility. Additionally highly qualified strength and conditioning coaches design the programs for our athletes.

Our dedicated Group Training Room has been designed for optimal coaching with exercise progressions and classes for the beginner to the advanced fitness enthusiast.