Lorne Goldenberg and the Athletic Conditioning Center may not be convenient for you to get to, but that does not mean you cannot have access to one of the most experienced sports conditioning minds in all of North America. Through his new on-line training system you can now get individualized programs by Coach Goldenberg right to your desktop, Iphone, android device, or Ipad. With exercise notes, on-line videos for technique and the ability to track your workouts optimal results will soon follow. Click here to download the app and get started.
The following programs are available, Just click on any option and you will be taken to the ACCOTTAWA MyVolo on-line store where you can select the appropriate program. Once you pay and check out, the ACC will be sent a notification of your payment and we will email your program through the ACC App.
The sport specific programs have been designed with age and sport in mind. The football programs have even been broken down to specific position training ensuring you get the optimal program for you.