Monday, 11 July 2011

Summer 2011 Developing Strength, Power, Quickness, Mobility, & Core Strength At the ACC

This blog so far has provided much information that has dissected other exercises and training programs People have been wondering where are the functional safe exercises that the ACC athletes are using for to get better every day?  Well we are almost half way through the summer of 2011.   Everyone is working hard preparing for their hockey season and here are some of our higher profile athletes working hard to get ready, the ACC way.

Matt Bradley is a seasoned NHL pro with the Florida Panthers.  He is known as  punishing forechecker who sacrifices his body, and gives 110% on every shift.  In this video we see Matt using excellent technique in a hurdle lateral high step.  Notice his perfect posture, high knees, and very short ground contact time.  This drill demonstrates excellent lateral movement, change of direction ability, and mobility through the hips.

Zach and Aaron Bogosian are the beasts from Massena NY who have followed the ACC training principles for years.  Zach the first round draft pick of the Winnipeg Jets and Aaron the former St. Lawrence Saints Captain now with the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Zach who set a number of records at the NHL combine a few years ago demonstrates some excellent strength and power with stop squats.  In this exercise the purpose is the lower the weight in control, hold for a second on the rack while maintaining core activation, and to power through the weight.   Zach is lifting just over 300 lbs here, and as you can see his great strength allows him to actually leave the ground.  Obviously this is a very advanced lift that should only be attempted after much preparation.

The sumo romainian deadlift is a lift that has not been seen very often and created here at the ACC. It is obviously a variation of the RDL, but with a wider stance and good hip movement this exercise not only works the hamstrings, glutes and lower back in a very functional manner, but it also brings in the all important adductor muscles.  Aaron is using a slow tempo to really emphasize tension on the muscle.

Mark Millar is another player from Massena NY who has seen the benefits of the ACC for fellow Americans and made the commitment this year to be the best he can by training in Ottawa.  Mark played this past year with Omaha Lanceers of the USHL and has a scholarship from RPI where he will attend after next season.  Mark is working the front position lateral squat.  This is an incredible exercise to work on spinal mobility, and lateral hip strength.  Notice his solid core, strong back, and range of motion through his hips.  Its work like this that will ensure Mark’s skating stride is long and strong this year.

In previous articles Coach Goldenberg has been very critical of examples of functional training that are anything but functional, mostly as a result of poor technique.  Here is a great example of  functional exercise.  Pat Kavanaugh has been an ACC athlete for many years.   The former Vancouver Canuck, Philadelphia Flyer, and Ottawa Senator, now plays in the German professional league.  Pat has been an extremely dedicated athlete to off ice training since he was 15 years old.  Here he is demonstrating a supine, single leg towel grip pullup.  This exercise is very difficult as his hamstring, glute, lower back, and obliques must work synergistically to stabilize his lower body, while the prime movers of his upper back and arms do all the work.  Pat’s core is solid here demonstrating great activation of the appropriate muscles to execute this movement.