Friday, 24 February 2012

More New Conditioning Pieces Coming To The ACC & My Visit To the Keiser Factory In Fresno California

This spring and summer will be the best year ever for training at the ACC.  In my previous blog announcement I had mentioned about the new Woodway Curves - The best in speed training now in Ottawa at the ACC.

We are also adding the new Keiser Total Body Trainer.  Very similar to the old air dyne bikes of the past.  The only difference is  they are indestructible.  I was recently invited down to the Keiser plant in Fresno California, along with strength coaches Scott Hebert, Andy Obrien  & Matt Nichol.  Unfortunately Andy & Matt could not make it.  The purpose was to introduce us to the Dennis Keiser the founder of Keiser strength equipment, and to have a meeting of the minds on power development and the optimal way of training it.

During the tour of the plant, I got to try the new Keiser Total Body Trainer.

Unlike the old air-dyne's of the past, these units are quiet, very smooth and multifunctional.  As you can see in this video you can use just legs, just arms, or both.  But while I was at the plant, I decided to try just standing on the rear bracket and drive my arms.  Well this can be one great ground based exercise tying in your total body from a standing position.

After trying it, as I continued our tour, we came upon their Quality Assurance Testing Area.  This was impressive.  Keiser had many pieces undergoing repetitive movements, and I do not mean a few tests.  Many of these pieces were being continually stressed for over a year at a time.  The total body trainer was one of them, check it out.....

The ACC will be rocking this summer with the new treads & TBT's...get in and try it out.

Scott Hebert, Dennis Keiser and Coach Goldenberg trying out the Keiser Power Testing System.