Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Lateral Squat - A Movement For Everyone

The lateral squat is an exercise I first saw over 25 years ago, but in a slightly different version than the one I use now.  The one I had witnessed at one of my first NSCA conferences had the athlete coming up from a low position, to a hips extended position in the middle, and followed by a rep to the opposite side.  I really liked the movement, but had thought how could I enhance the movement, and possible keep tension on the muscles at all times.  By employing a sliding technique, and keeping the movement continual in the frontal plane, this was achieved.  If you have not tried this variation give it a try.

Check out my Next Level Video on execution and coaching points. Click the link below...

Low Position of the Lateral Squat
Compliments of Coach Adam Douglas - Team Canada Women Hockey Team