Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Gary Roberts Summer Training 2004

Here is a great clip of the Beast Gary Roberts.  This is from 2004 summer workouts.  We are at Jeff Oneil's cottage doing some plyos, and in Gary's cottage gym doing some lifting.  He is ripped and weighing in at about 215 here.  If you watch closely, during the hurdle jumps (in slow motion) you can see a movement fault in his hips as his hip externally rotates on his 2nd jump.  Being a well trained machine, he is able to correct this on his next jump....

Here is a great training shot of Gary back squatting, with teammate Mats Sundin spotting from behind.  Station 7 was the gym that was owned by Gary, Bryan McCabe, and Lorne Goldenberg.  Awesome gym at the time, unfortunately located in an area that was difficult for young players to get to.

gary roberts training