Friday, 30 March 2012

Gary Roberts Visits ACC with Juno Nominee Brad Rempel of High Valley

The Juno's are in town and with that the Annual Juno Cup will be played at the Nepean Sportsplex tonight.  My good friend Gary Roberts is in for the event, looking to run a few musicians in the corners.

As his normal routine was when he played he needed his pre-game lift and workout.  So Gary came into the ACC along with Brad Rempel of the country band High Valley.  High Valley is up for a Juno for best country album.  I took both of these guys through a little ACC training, peppered with some Gary Roberts High Performance Training.

Brad does lift, but lets just say not at the intensity of Mr. Roberts.  After Gary took him through the 20 minute warmup, Brad thought he was done... Gary gave him a great introduction to preparing for the workout.  We then got into a great functional lift, with Gary leading the way.  We finished off with a few intervals and some core work and downed some biosteel.

A great day in the end, hoping Brad will be able to skate tonight...LOL..

Gary Roberts Performing the Trap Bar Deadlift

Gary & Brad Rempel performing a SB ab crunch with static rotation

Grinding it out!

Brad, Lorne & Gary....Still smiling after a good workout